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“I’ve been waiting patiently for the most perfect furbaby to bring into our lives and I wanted a Tri-color Bernedoodle so badly! That’s when I came across Bennett (formerly Bill) at Walnut Hollow Kennels. I saw him and messaged Chris immediately. He was extremely responsive and answered all of my questions and concerns and within two hours, we made arrangements for me to go visit the following day! I fell in love the second I saw Bennett. The farm was lovely! It was beautiful, quiet and open. Chris let us sit and play with the puppies until I was ready to part ways until Bennett was able to come home! It was the longest 9 days of my life but Chris updated me throughout and ensured my baby was doing well! I’ve had Bennett for 2 weeks now, he’s completely potty trained, “sits”, gives “paw” and sleeps in his crate all night long. He’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Everywhere we go people cannot get over how beautiful he is and ask where I got him! I’d recommend Walnut Hollows Kennels to anyone!”

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Poodles have comfortably sat at or near the top of the list of most popular dog breeds for decades. Eventually, they also began dominating hybrid breeding lines. The phenomenal success of the first poodle hybrid, the Labradoodle, ensured a seemingly endless line of experimentation with various dog breeds. It was only a matter of time before someone decided a Bernedoodle could make a great dog.

With some reflection, you could easily deduce a Bernedoodle is a hybrid of a Bernese Mountain Dog and a poodle. There are three recognized size standards. They are the Mini Bernedoodle, the Tiny Bernedoodle, and the Standard Bernedoodle.